Italy has allocated 920 million Euro

Decision no. 44/2015 of April 29th 2015 of the Inter-Ministry Committee for Economic Planning (CIPE), guaranteeing the financing and the authorization of the start of the third construction lot of the Brenner Base Tunnel was registered during the most recent session of the Italian Court of Auditors in Rome on July 9th 2015. The decision will now be published in the Official Journal of Record of the Italian Republic.

It is the formal guarantee of the 920 million Euro financing for the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel. „Thanks to these funds, we can now tender the remaining works on the Italian side of the Brenner”, said Italian CEO Raffaele Zurlo with satisfaction.

The new construction lot includes the last stretches of the exploratory tunnel (about 14 km) and of the two main tunnels (a total of 36 km) from Mules to the border at the Brenner Pass. The works are expected to last about nine years. The tender procedure for the construction work between Mules and the border, worth about 1,375,000,000.00 Euro, will be published in July.

This lot will continue and complete the works that are ongoing at present, also starting from the Mules construction site (excavation through the Periadriatic Seam and preparatory works, which are almost completed) and at the construction site at Mezzaselva (Isarco river underpass).