Exploratory tunnel breakthrough successful

After 16.7 kilometres of TBM excavation, the link between the two construction lots Tulfes-Pfons and Pfons-Brennero is...

Tunnel construction sites: restart of construction activities

Construction sites gradually reopen in the Austrian project area under strict safety measures as regards Covid-19.

Brenner Base Tunnel Company (BBT SE) stops construction site operations

BBT SE is following developments in the current epidemiological emergency very closely. In order to maintain and...

The Ministers for Transport of Italy and Austria and the EU Commissioner for Transport tour the BBT construction sites

Steinach am Brenner / Fortezza - The Italian and Austrian Ministers for Transport, Paola De Micheli and Leonore...

Meeting with the mayors of Tyrol

The new CEO of BBT SE, Martin Gradnitzer, took the opportunity to personally meet and introduce himself to the mayors of...

Status of the works of the Brenner Base Tunnel

The BBT tunnel system includes about 230 km of tunnels. 127 km have already been excavated.
127 km
230 km
Railway tunnel 40 km
of 120 km
Exploratory tunnel 48 km
of 61 km
Other tunnels 39 km
of 49 km
This is the length of the Brenner Base Tunnel and the Innsbruck bypass with which it links south of Aldrans. This will make it the longest underground railway connection in the world.
The construction work and the railway outfitting of the Brenner Base Tunnel should be completed by 2027. After that, there will be a year of test operations. The tunnel will become fully operational in December of 2028.
Passenger trains will travel through the tunnel at a top speed of 250 km/h.
measuring stations
Water quality is monitored at 1,350 measuring stations all along the project area.
The trip from Innsbruck to Fortezza takes 80 minutes today. The trip through the BBT will take only 25 minutes.