Open Tunnel Day Isarco River Underpass, September 23rd 2018

On Saturday, 23rd September BBT SE organizes the yearly Open Tunnel Day River Underpass. Also these year the Open Day...

Open Tunnel Day in the Brenner Base Tunnel: 5,300 visitors at Austria’s biggest tunnel event

For the first time ever in the BBT project area of Innsbruck, it was possible to visit the various construction stages...

The contract for largest construction lot in Austria has been awarded

- The Pfons-Brenner construction lot includes 50 kilometres of tunnel

- The bidding consortium led by PORR made the...

Brenner Base Tunnel: Padaster Valley: Circular walking path re-opened

A new steel bridge re-opens the panoramic trail to walkers

Brenner Base Tunnel: Completion of the parking lot redesign for “Tunnel World” and the JUFA hotel

On September 7th, the JUFA Hotels and the Brenner Base Tunnel company (BBT SE) celebrated the redesign of the parking...

Status of the works of the Brenner Base Tunnel

The BBT tunnel system includes about 230 km of tunnels. 89 km have already been excavated.
89 km
230 km
Main tunnels 26 km
Exploratory tunnel 35 km
Other tunnels 28 km
This is the length of the Brenner Base Tunnel and the Innsbruck bypass with which it links south of Aldrans. This will make it the longest underground railway connection in the world.
The construction work and the railway outfitting of the Brenner Base Tunnel should be completed by 2026. After that, there will be a year of test operations. The tunnel will become fully operational in December of 2027.
Passenger trains will travel through the tunnel at a top speed of 250 km/h.
measuring stations
Water quality is monitored at 1,350 measuring stations all along the project area.
The trip from Innsbruck to Fortezza takes 80 minutes today. The trip through the BBT will take only 25 minutes.