The main headquarters of the BBT SE, as of July 1st 2011, is located in Bolzano. The secondary headquarters is in Innsbruck. Besides these two offices, there are several construction site offices between Ampass and Fortezza.

According to the State Treaty of April 30th, 2004 the main headquarters was to be in Innsbruck until the start of Phase III. With the beginning of the main construction phase in April 2011, the main office was moved to Bolzano. Once the Brenner Base Tunnel becomes operational, the head office will be moved back to Innsbruck.



Galleria di Base del Brennero
Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE
Amraser Str. 8
A-6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43 512 4030 - 0
Fax: +43 512 4030 - 110

Galleria di Base del Brennero
Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE
Bahnhofsplatz 1
I-39100 Bozen

Tel.: +39 0471 0622-0
Fax: +39 0471 0622-11


Visitor centers

Konsortium Beobachtungsstelle
Brennerstraße, Festung
I-39045 Franzensfeste

Tel. +39 0472 057 200

Alfons-Graber-Weg 1
A-6150 Steinach

Tel. +43 512 4030 400


Construction site offices

Handlhofweg 82D
A-6020 Innsbruck

Wolf 32
A-6150 Steinach am Brenner

Via Stazione 5
I-39045 Fortezza