Tunnel World: A lot of news after re-opening

After some renovation works, the BBT Infocentre in Steinach am Brenner now offers many new exhibits on display.

Opening of the new exhibition at Innsbruck Central Station

A permanent exhibition provides information about the Brenner Base Tunnel and the Munich-Verona railway axis

Brenner Base Tunnel: Breakthrough of first main tunnel below the Isarco river

About one month after construction works started, the excavation works for the first main tunnel below the riverbed of...

Mules construction site: record progress for TBM Virginia

In March, tunnel boring machine (TBM) Virginia registered a 860-m excavation record at the Mules construction site

Developing and implementing COVID safety measures

Right at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, BBT SE immediately took the evolution of the emergency situation very...

World Water Day 2021: More safety and protection with flooding forecast models

Meant for the future relief of heavy traffic volumes, the Brenner Base Tunnel project is already bringing tangible...