The Geographical Information System (GIS) which was specially developed for BBT SE provides information on the project area from Tulfes to Fortezza. You can call up these information swiftly and easily personalize your search.

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To access the WebGIS for the Brenner Base Tunnel, Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8 or higher, Firefox (all versions) and Crome (all versions) may be used. Also Safari is supported.

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This WebGIS service only serves as information and does not in any case replace official documents.

Official documents may be obtained from the competent authorities, according to the terms and at the costs stated by the applicable legal provisions.

Data and documents regarding the Brenner Base Tunnel project may be subject to updates during planning activities.

The cadastral data of South Tyrol have been made available by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. They are not neither up to date nor official. The cadastral data of North Tyrol have been made available by the BEV – Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen.

Further information

What is a GIS?

GIS - an abbreviation for Geographic Information System - is a data processing system used for the visualisation, analysis, storage and management of georeferenced, i.e. spatially delimited, digital information.

The geographic component of the system permits the items to which the data relate to be positioned with great precision. That makes them easy to locate for subsequent reference as with a conventional geographic map.

A GIS can be used to administer a variety of digital geographic information: from the base maps that are produced with the help of photogrammetric and other methods to show the current status of the terrain (orthophotos, digital elevation models, technical maps, etc.) to the various thematic maps which relate to certain subjects or aspects and in some cases offer a specific interpretation of the terrain (geological and hydrological maps, project maps, etc).

The WebGIS for the Brenner Base Tunnel

With a total length of 56 km, the Brenner Base Tunnel is a very big structure that occupies a cross-border location (Austria and Italy) and relates to a variety of fields such as environmental protection, geology, surveying, planning, public relations etc.

In view of the numerous disciplines involved and the sheer extent of the project area, a huge volume of data has been generated in the planning phases, and this can be expected to increase further during construction and operation.

In order to manage such an extensive geo-database, the BBT SE has decided to invest in a GIS system employing modern Web technologies and comprising a system of scaleable modules designed to meet the needs of the individual user.

The Web GIS will enable all BBT SE units and employees involved in the Brenner Base Tunnel project:

  • to have direct, transparent and efficient access to the relevant geographic data
  • to enter very specific data in the base map of the project area
  • to exchange geographic information with other units so as to avoid any duplication of effort

The advantages offered by the GIS for internal working at the BBT SE include generally improved efficiency, access to continuously updated multidisciplinary information, and the provision of such information to third parties that do not have the specialist knowledge involved but are interested in georeferenced data on the Brenner Base Tunnel project.