The Geographical Information System (GIS), which was specially developed for BBT SE, provides information on the project area, i.e. on 18 townships from Tulfes (Austria) to Fortezza (Italy). You can call up these information swiftly and easily personalize your search.

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Since 2005, BBT SE has started to use a WebGIS system where all geo-referenced data have been stored and managed.

In 2020, as part of an IT reorganization process concerning the whole company, BBT SE decided to renew its WebGIS system by adopting an architecture based on Open Source components.

Supported Web Browser:

The WebGIS adopted by BBT SE is compatible with all browsers and can be accessed both by computer and mobile phone.


BBT SE’s WebGIS system is for information purposes only and in no way replaces official documents. The official documents are issued by the relevant authorities, based on the procedures and the costs provided for by the applicable laws. The data and documents concerning the Brenner Base Tunnel project may need to be updated as the planning and construction activities proceed. The updated version may therefore not always be available in this system.

Further information

What is a GIS?

GIS - an abbreviation for Geographic Information System - is a data processing system used for the visualisation, analysis, storage and management of georeferenced - i.e. spatially delimited - digital information.

The geographic component of the system allows the information to be positioned with great precision, thus making it easy to understand and consult, just like a normal map.  

A GIS system can be used to manage a variety of digital geographic information: from the base maps, created using topographic and photogrammetric techniques to show the current status of the ground (orthophotos, digital elevation models, technical maps, etc.) to the various thematic maps focussing on specific aspects or subjects and in some cases offer a specific interpretation of the ground (geological and hydrological maps, project maps, etc).

The WebGIS for the Brenner Base Tunnel

In view of the large number of subjects involved and the sheer extent of the project area, a huge volume of data has been generated in the planning phases, and this can be expected to further increase during construction and operation.

In order to manage such an extensive geo-database, the BBT SE has decided to invest in a GIS system employing modern Web technologies and comprising a system of scaleable modules designed to meet the needs of the individual user.

The Web GIS will enable all BBT SE units and employees involved in the Brenner Base Tunnel project to:

  • have direct, transparent and efficient access to the relevant geographic data
  • enter very specific data in the base map of the project area
  • share the user’s geographic information with other units , without creating any overlap or duplication

The advantages offered by the GIS tool for BBT SE’s internal activities include generally improved efficiency, access to continuously updated multidisciplinary information, integration of data of various kinds based on their geographical position, as well as the possibility to share such information to third parties that, although not having an in-depth knowledge of this field, are interested in georeferenced data on the project.