Exhibit from the Sill gorge construction lot shown in the Tyrol Panorama Museum

An exhibit shown in the Tyrol panorama museum provides detailed information on the Sill gorge construction lot. The exhibit can be visited until the end of 2020; the entry is free of charge.

Nowhere else, you will find a better view on the Sill gorge and the future Brenner Basetunnel is better than from the Tyrol Panorama Museum. The construction progress of this large-scale project can be tracked from behind the extensive glass facade.

From July 6th, monthly information campaigns will brief visitors on the construction measures, with a direct view of the construction project. Exhibit pieces, a model and multilingual information boards in the entrance area of the museum provide constant information.

The stretch through the Sill gorge is the link between the Brenner Base Tunnel and the central station in Innsbruck. It is only 600 metres long but still requires very complicated and demanding construction measures because it crosses the narrow Sill gorge; due to this, challenging construction logistic measures are required. The area is characterized by infrastructural facilities such as the A12 Inntal mo-torway, the A13 Brenner motorway, the Tyrol Panorama Museum, an IKB power plant, tunnel systems in the Bergisel mountain and the existing ÖBB railway line with the Bergisel tunnel. Furthermore, the narrow Sill gorge with its natural mountain stream is an important recreation space for the urban population. Hence, there are many walking paths. The walking path net is being enlarged with a ten-sion span footbridge over the Sill in the northern area.

Due to these construction works, the northern part of the Sill gorge will no longer be accessible as of August 3rd, 2020. The upstream walking path net in the the southern part of the Sill gorge as well as the panoramic tour remain accessible.

Information on the current work progress will be provided  in the Tyrol Panorama Museum.
You can find more information here. (in German language)