H21 Sill Gorge: a small construction lot but challenging from the technical point of view

Despite his small dimensions - about 600 m stretch of line - this construction lot is challenging from the technical point of view. Works proceed apace with the aim of restoring the area as far as possible to its original condition.

Summer begins and the construction lot H21 ‘Sill Gorge’ reveals its green side. Work on the northern entrance to the Brenner Base Tunnel, in the Viller Berg tunnel, has already been completed:  Here, the BBT runs southwards up to the southern portal in Fortezza for a length of 55 km exclusively within the mountain and the breakthrough from the north of the lot H41 Sill Gorge is planned in 2024.


The concrete sustaining wall near the Sill, approx. 200 m long and more than 9 m high, is 75% complete: this is where the future railway line between Innsbruck central station and the BBT northern portal will run.


The construction of the Silltal tunnel with ‘cut and cover’ method is currently in progress: the excavation is being carried out in the open and work has just begun on the ceilings. The two railway bridges over the Sill river, on the east and west sides, are also well underway: in fact, only the cladding and final painting are left to be completed.


The footbridge over the Sill to the north has already been completed and will be used by future visitors to the Sill Gorge: the aim is to restore this area - so beloved by the citizens of Innsbruck - as much as possible to its original condition. An example of this is the backfilling of the Silltal tunnel, which will be carried out upon completion.