Engineers and geologists from Veneto tour the Brenner Base Tunnel

Fortezza, 30.10.2015 – A conference was held this morning at the Habsburg fortress in Fortezza on the state of the works of the Brenner Base Tunnel Project.

The conference was organized at the request of the Verona engineers’ association and of the Veneto region geologists’ association and, considering that the topic certainly is of current interest and that the event provided useful content from a training point of view, it was added to the professional associations’ training programmes for training credits. Over 150 people attended.

The Brenner Base Tunnel project is extremely important in the engineering and geology sectors and is increasingly the focus of scientific research. The Brenner Base Tunnel company receives countless requests from professional associations, universities and national and international research and training facilities.

The training conference for the engineers and geologists from Veneto ended with an in-depth visit to the Mules construction site, where the participants were shown the construction logistics of both the above-ground and the underground parts of the site.