H53 Pfons-Brenner site: arrival of the first tubbing rings at the construction site

Unlike the neighbouring lot H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons, on the H53 Pfons-Brenner site it is not possible to produce the tubbing rings directly on site. This is precisely why an innovative rail solution was adopted, and the first tubbing rings are reaching the construction site these days.

The Max Bögl Group in Sengenthal, Bavaria, was awarded the production of more than 54,000 tubbing rings. These will be installed by two TBMs, Wilma and Olga, which will start moving northwards in September 2024, and will be used for the final lining of the two main tunnels in the H53 Pfons-Brenner construction lot.

While the TBMs are being assembled, the first tubbing rings are reaching the construction site, located in Steinach am Brenner, by rail. "The restricted space did not allow us, as was possible for our colleagues in the H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons lot, to produce the tubbing rings directly on the construction site. For this reason, we have adopted an innovative solution, in cooperation with the Max Bögl Group, which allows us to avoid road transport", says Christoph Mellitzer, deputy project manager BBT on the Pfons-Brenner stretch.

Big news, therefore, in this construction lot, with the transport of 530000 tonnes of tubbing rings started in these days and the departure of the two TBMs Wilma and Olga planned for September, for a journey of about 7.5 km each in a northerly direction. Lot H53 Pfons-Brenner, the largest in the Austrian project area, is characterised by the adoption of state-of-the-art engineering solutions, which aim to preserve the natural habitats of the project area at the same time.