Wilma and Olga: How the two new tunnel boring machines got their names

A special joint project with RegionalMedien Tirol has come up with two great names for our two new tunnel boring machines at the “H53 Pfons-Brenner” construction site.

There was a lot of interest in the project organised by BBT SE together with RegionalMedien Tirol. Around 400 people submitted their name proposals for the two "giants in the mountain", each of which will excavate around 7.5 km of main tunnel towards Innsbruck, starting in autumn of this year. The competition was also met with a great response far beyond the borders of Alto Adige and Tyrol - a further sign that the Brenner Base Tunnel project is also attracting great interest outside the immediate project area between Innsbruck and Fortezza.

But why did they choose the names Olga and Wilma? Well, that's easy! The initial letters of the two TBM names stand for the location of the respective main tunnel that the tunnel boring machines will be driving: Wilma for the west tunnel and Olga for the east tunnel ("Ost" being "East" in German).

The next steps are imminent: The inspection and acceptance of the two tunnel boring machines at the manufacturing plant this month, their subsequent delivery and assembly and, finally, the start of Wilma and Olga's journey north this autumn.