Water, a precious resource

Water is a precious resource. This is why, in the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel, we are committed to protecting this important resource through a number of measures: these include monitoring and purification of water in the project area.

Between 2001 and 2005, numerous measurement points were installed along the Alps to analyse the complex water resources in the project area and to prevent any possible impact due to the tunnel construction. Thanks to these measurement points, of which there are now more than 1,300, we can observe the state of surface water and groundwater, as well as the flow rate of springs, rivers, groundwater levels, temperature and conductivity. The amount of rainfall is also monitored. This enables us to determine where the water level has changed due to the works being carried out or due to the rainfall itself.


Thanks to the continuous monitoring through the measurement points, should the balance of water resources change as a result of the tunnel construction works, we can implement measures to prevent these resources from being jeopardised and thus restore a balanced situation.


A further intervention to protect water resources includes treatment of waste water in so-called water purification plants. The water used for the works and produced during the tunnel construction is purified and cooled in accordance with legal regulations before being discharged into rivers and brooks: in this way we ensure that the quality of our water is not jeopardised and that the aquatic ecosystem is protected.


For us at BBT SE, it is essential to make the best possible use of natural resources in order to benefit the entire population in the project area and also to prevent any possible impact due to the tunnel construction.