Tunnel construction sites: restart of construction activities

Construction sites gradually reopen in the Austrian project area under strict safety measures as regards Covid-19.

Innsbruck/Steinach am Brenner - Currently, the social partners of the construction sector are endeavouring to relaunch construction activities in Austria, as soon as possible but in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Therefore, since April 14th, 2020 BBT SE planned to restart tunnelling works on the construction sites - as soon as possible and in line with the construction consortium companies. 

Both, the Tulfes- Pfons Construction lot and the Pfons-Brennero Construction lot have been put into operations.

Preparations started in the Italian project area, too, with the aim of restarting construction works by May.

On the construction sites, all appropriate safety measures are applied in accordance with the public health officer of the local authorities. These measures include the disinfection of the construction site offices and of the transport vehicles several times a day and the use of protective clothing and protective masks.

Foto: BBT SE