Tunnel boring machines - the Giants in the depths of the mountain: New exhibition at Innsbruck Central Station

For three months, the spotlight will turn to the tunnel boring machines of the Brenner Base Tunnel in the Mules 2-3 construction lot in Italy.

Since last summer 2021, the construction work on the Brenner Base Tunnel project has been displayed with large and eye-catching pictures. The exhibition space is located in the southern part of the station hall gallery at Innsbruck Central Station. Every three to four months, a new thematic focus is presented. And here we are again. This time around, visitors can get an impression of the outstanding tunnelling machines used for mechanical excavation of the BBT tunnel tubes, starting from the Mules construction site in Alto Adige towards the Brenner Pass.

Tunnel boring machines – the Giants in the depths of the mountain
Starting immediately, the “Mules” construction lot in Alto Adige and the two tunnel boring machines (TBM) working there will be displayed. Every day, between 6 AM and 10 PM, visitors, passersby and travellers at the station can enjoy information about the impressive construction works underway deep inside the mountain.

There, two 200-metre-long TBMs, with the resounding names of "Flavia" and "Virginia", are excavating the main tunnels working their way up north. Until recently, three TBMs were operating here, as the third tube of the tunnel system - the exploratory tunnel - was also excavated mechanically. This excavation carried out by TBM "Serena" already reached the Brenner Pass last November.

Up until now, the exhibition focused on the two construction lots "Sill Gorge" and "Isarco River Underpass". Entrance is free of charge.