Tunnel boring machine Lilia installs painted tubbing rings

Did you know? The precast concrete elements installed by tunnel boring machines for the inner shell of a tunnel tube are called "tubbing rings". A tubbing ring consists of several elements, each of which has to be installed precisely where it is meant to go during production, in order to obtain a perfectly circular tubbing ring.

As part of the school competition "A name for the TBM", the children of the Wipptal primary school in St. Peter/Ellbögen came up with the name "Lilia" for one of our two tunnel boring machines (TBM) in the construction lot "Sill Gorge-Pfons" in June 2022. During a visit to the construction site, Lilia's small patrons and patronesses were not only allowed to colourfully paint a tubbing ring for Lilia, but also to visit the tubbing ring factory located directly on the construction site and see how such a precast concrete element is produced. A few days ago, the colourful tubbing ring was installed by the TBM Lilia in the main tunnel east of the construction lot "Sill Gorge - Pfons", in its own special place.