The service provider ‘Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe’ and BBT SE realised a new power station at Ahrental valley

The successful implementation of the common project is of uttermost importance for the BBT construction phase.

Two big transformers ensure the local currency supply.

On the Ahrental disposal area, right next to the A13 Brenner motorway, BBT SE and IKB AG established a new power stataion. It was put into operation in March of 2020.

The common project was planned by the local energy supplier IKB and built by the Strabag/Salini-Impregilo construction consortium. For the BBT, it will serve the following purpose: the electricity transformed within the plant will drive the future TBM that excavates the main tunnel tubes.

IKB CEO DI Helmuth Müller is pleased about the successful cooperation: "As the distribution system operator of the capital we are responsible for 9 substations and several transformer stations at Innsbruck. The two big transformers installed here are the largest in the IKB power grid; the substation with a power output of 60 megawatt is our 10th and largest substation. This makes us proud and we would like to thank BBT SE for the chance to realise this project."

The new structure houses two equal facilities of both societies. The southern part is used by BBT SE, the northern part by IKB. The supply is provided by a 110-kV overhead line (110.000 volt) from the TINETZ substation at Vill. The power is transformed with a power transformer with a weight of 123 tons into 25 kV (25.000 Volt). Each of the two transformers has a performance of 60.000 kW. It is filled with 23.000 litres of oil and its windings consist of 34 tons of copper.

The substation is equipped with two switching stations that are regulated by a control centre.
For safety reasons, the facility has been equipped with an intelligent firefighting facility and a separate currency supply