The 8th Commission of the Senate visiting the BBT construction sites

On 21st July 2017, a delegation of the 8th Commission (Public works & Communication) of the Senate of the Italian Republic visited the BBT construction sites in Mules and Fortezza.

The group was composed of the senators Andrea Cioffi, Jonny Crosio, Marco Filippi, Marco Scibona, Lodovico Sonego and the Secretary of the Commission, Giancarlo Salone. The senators were accompanied by the CEO of BBT SE, Raffaele Zurlo, and welcomed at the constructions sites by the experts for the realisation of the large construction lots. The delegation could witness the speedy progress of works on site. In fact, in the Italian part of the project works have started an all of the main construction lots: Mules 2-3 and Isarco River Underpass.