Resolution of our guessing game from the Open Tunnel Day

The Open Tunnel Day is over ... here is the long-awaited solution to our rock-solid guessing game!

By the end of the event at 5:30 pm, 446 slips of paper with the estimated number of stones had been placed in the box.

The plexiglass contained...1,131 stones!

The estimated number ranged from 120 to 19,500 stones.

Although no one hit the "bull's eye", some visitors came very close to the exact number.


The most accurate estimates were:

  • 1,128 → 1st place
  • 1,126 → 2nd place
  • 1,123 → 3rd place
  • 1,142 → 4th place
  • 1,111 → 5th place


Since the number 1,111 was guessed five times in total, five visitors can be happy with the 5th place.

Winners will be contacted by us.
Thank you for your participation and your visit to the Open Tunnel Day!