Record number of visitors to the BBT Infopoints

The Brenner Base Tunnel construction project continues to arouse a great deal of interest.

The three information centres in Austria and Italy had a significant inflow of visitors in 2019. A total of 23,500 people, of all age groups, came to find out about the most important European infrastructure project.
They came from everywhere, and most of them from Germany. The largest number of visitors went to Tunnel World, in Steinach am Brenner - the interactive exhibition at this Infopoint had 16,000 visitors all on its own. The Infopoint in Innsbruck, which was opened in 2019, drew more than 9,000 visitors.
The Infopoint in Fortezza, in Alto Adige in Italy, had over 6,000 visitors. These numbers are impressive and they have been continuously increasing since the two Infopoints in the Wipp valley were opened in 2016 - a clear sign that the miners' work and the progress made on the various construction lots are important internationally as well.