Prolongation of the closing period of the Klostergasse until July 30th, 2017

In the St. Bartlmä disctrict in Innsbruck the period for the completion of the new railway overpass Klostergasse has to be prolonged. Therefore the total closing of the Klostergasse between the “Bierstindl” and the western end of the Trientiner Bridge remains valid up to and including Sunday, July 30th, 2017.

The Klostergasse will be closed to all traffic (vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians) between the “Bierstindl” and the western end of the Trientiner Bridge until 30/07/2017. Due to the final work on the railway overpass Klostergasse to build the junction of the Brenner Base Tunnel with the central station of Innsbruck the closing period has to be prolonged.

The premises of the companies TECHEM Messtechnik GmbH (St. Bartlmä 2a) and OTIS GesmbH (St. Bartlmä 2) since 15/06/2017 can be reached from east, over the Klostergasse.

For the company premises of the company Oberhammer Maschinefabrik GmbH (St. Bartlmä 3), and the residential buildings Schützenheim St. Bartlmä 5 and St. Bartlmä 4, until 30/7/2017 the access is possible using the alternative route through the company premises of the company Schenker & CO AG.

Please take note of the following requirements concerning DB Schenker’s company area:
1.    DB Schenker’s registration policy for traffic must be complied with (registration of licence plates, indication of destination).
2.    DB Schenker’s traffic plan must be adhered to while in the company area.
3.    The road code and a speed limit of 15 km/h are to be complied with while in DB Schenker’s company area.
4.    Any instructions from security personnel must be complied with.
5.    Please cross and leave the company area as promptly as possible. Stopping and parking is not allowed for through traffic.

•    The operation of the tram line 6 is expected to be resumed in August.
•    The St. Bartlmä pedestrian underpass will be available again as of the end of 2018, in a new position.
•    The hiking path in the Sill gorge has been closed for some time now due to the construction work on the highway and is expected to open again in 2021.