ORF Radio Tirol Sommerfrische is our guest at Tunnel World

On Wednesday, July 11th 2018, ORF Radio Tirol Sommerfrische, the summer version of ORF Radio Tirol, was our guest at BBT Tunnel World.


Why is the BBT called a “base tunnel”? What do the letters “SE” in the project company’s name mean? What is done during “Monitoring”? How do you measure precisely, underground, so the tunnel tubes meet up in the end? 

This construction project is fascinating for everyone. Over 300 visitors came to Steinach this afternoon to see the Infocenter and hear the experts from the Brenner Base Tunnel company, BBT SE, explain basic information, impressive facts and new data - things everyone wants to know! about the construction of what will be the longest railway tunnel in the world. And everyone was interested in finding out as much as possible about the many exhibits on show. 

Everyone was delighted at the simulation of an excavation blast in the tunnel. Visitors can pound, build, shovel, measure, smell, hear, read, feel, press, turn, type, sit, climb and even lie flat! And that’s not all!

Visitors of all age groups, chock full of written and verbal information and interesting impressions, then moved to the fair tent to sample the culinary delights of the event, as a comfortable, enjoyable end to an interesting afternoon.

The time went by in a flash. Everyone decided that they want to come back on Open Tunnel Day, which will be held Sunday, September 16th 2018. On that day, people can visit the “real” Brenner Base Tunnel without reserving a tour in advance - the construction sites can be reached with special shuttle buses from the main station in Innsbruck and the parking lot of the “dez” shopping centre. There will be a great entertainment programme, too. Entrance is free of charge. More information will be provided at the appropriate time.