Open Tunnel Day at the BBT construction site in Mules

After two years of pandemic pause, BBT SE again throws open the gates of its construction sites - in Alto Adige

Today, on Sunday, September 18th, BBT SE organised its Open Tunnel Day on the construction sites in Mules (in the town of Campo di Trens) and the Isarco River Underpass (in Fortezza).

Since the breakthrough in May 19th, 2022, the main tunnels built on these two construction sites have been linked, meaning that visitors were able to visit not only the Mules construction site, but also travel on the buses provided through the tunnels themselves to the Isarco construction site, where they visited one of the huge shafts. These shafts were built to make the excavation under the Isarco river possible, using a highly complex ground freezing procedure. This is an environmentally friendly solution, as it would otherwise have been necessary to re-route the riverbed.

Every visitor had the opportunity to find out more not only about the progress of the Brenner Base Tunnel project, but also about the various environmental compensation measures, the European and international dimensions of the project, the railway outfitting phase and much more.

BBT SE has been organising this family-oriented event for many years now. Children had fun in the various play areas and with other entertainment opportunities, adults received information on the project from the company experts and had the opportunity to receive a check-up, free of charge, from a specialist in occupational medicine.

BBT SE and its employees were delighted to be able to re-open and present "their"project after this two-year hiatus to the local population and all other interested visitors from near and far who wish to know more about this rail infrastructure project and see it up close.