Tunnel boring machines: new exhibition on the Munich-Verona railway corridor at Innsbruck Central Station

In the southern part of the gallery at Innsbruck Central Station, the permanent exhibition provides information on the Brenner Base Tunnel project and the Munich-Verona railway axis. The focus of the new exhibition is on tunnel boring machines, the "giants in the mountain."

One exhibition - changing contents
A new topic related to the Brenner Base Tunnel and the Brenner axis is highlighted at regular intervals. The permanent exhibition is based around nine large, back-lit graphics and several multimedia showcases. The main theme of the current exhibition, which can be seen until November, is the tunnel boring machines used in the construction of the BBT.

Work on the Brenner Base Tunnel has made progress in many ways in recent months. At the end of March, the tunnel boring machine Virginia reached the national border at the Brenner Pass in the east tube of the BBT in the Italian part of the project In early summer, the two tunnel boring machines "Lilia" and "Ida" began excavating the two main tubes southwards in the Austrian part of the project. In addition to information about the technical features of these "underground factories", information is also provided about how the tunnel boring machines got their names.

Another topic of the exhibition is the tubbing ring production. These precast concrete parts, which are installed in the tunnel tubes by the tunnel boring machines, are produced in the "Sill Gorge-Pfons" construction lot directly at the construction site. This has considerable advantages from both a logistical and an ecological point of view. Producing the segments on site saves around 27,000 truck journeys.

But mechanical excavation technology and the segments are not the only topics of the exhibition. The new Munich-Verona railway corridor and thus also the Brenner Base Tunnel project will bring benefits for many people in the future. The current exhibition offers a good opportunity to learn interesting facts about this new high-speed/high-capacity line.