Mules construction site: record progress for TBM Virginia

In March, tunnel boring machine (TBM) Virginia registered a 860-m excavation record at the Mules construction site

At the Mules construction site, construction works for the Brenner Base Tunnel are proceeding at full speed. The excavation northwards, towards the Brenner Pass, is carried out by 3 tunnel boring machines. The first one (“Serena”) is carrying out the excavation for the exploratory tunnel with a cutting head 6.8 m in diameter. It is excavating ahead of machines “Virginia” and “Flavia”, which are 10.7 m in diameter and carry out the excavation for the main tunnels.

Virginia was the one to stand out from her “sisters” given the significant production carried out in March. As a matter of fact, TBM “Virginia” (east main tunnel) excavated 860 m in March, which was accomplished thanks to a number of factors such as the quality material found during excavation (carbonate and limestone schists). Usually, tunnel boring machines work at a rate of 480 m per month, with a daily production of 15 m. In March, the daily average production of the machine was 27.7 m with a record production in one day of 36.75 m. 

In February, TBM Virginia had already achieved great results with 730 m of excavation.

Antonio Spaziani, Construction Manager, and Antonio Voza, Project Manager: “Such results were only possible thanks to great teamwork!”