Lilia has reached her first 1000 metres excavated: she continues her journey southwards

The TBM Lilia has today reached its first 1000 metres of excavation. Like its twin sister Ida, which is excavating in the west main tunnel, Lilia is continuing its journey south in the east main tunnel at a rapid pace.


Lilia's journey continues: just today the TBM, which has a tunnel boring head diameter of 10.4 metres, a length of approximately 160 metres and a weight of approximately 2420 tonnes, reached the first thousand metres of excavation. Starting from the assembly chamber in Ahrental, some 1,000 metres below ground in the Austrian project area, Lilia has a clear goal: to reach the town of Navis, 8.1 kilometres away, through the eastern main tunnel.


Christoph Waldhör, responsible for technical coordination at the H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons construction site, is very pleased with the progress of TBM excavation on his lot. “Lilia as well as its counterpart Ida, has already passed the critical fault zone called 'Viggartal' without any major problems. While excavating, the two TBMs also lay the inner ring lining of the tunnel, consisting of six concrete segments with a total weight of approximately 60 tonnes per ring”.


The excavation of the two TBMs Lilia and Ida southwards through the main tunnels continues with a common goal: to contribute to the construction of a crucial infrastructure for sustainable mobility in Europe.