Launch of tender procedure for the Pfons-Brenner construction lot

The Pfons - Brenner construction lot (H53) has been tendered Europe-wide by the Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE with a contract worth about 855 million Euro (net).

The contract will be awarded using the MEAT (most economically advantageous tender) criterion. In addition to the price, quality-base criteria are involved in the bid evaluation, too. The tender floating period will end on 16th May 2022 at 12pm.
If the tender procedure proceeds according to plan, the contract of the Pfons-Brenner construction lot will be awarded within 2022. The construction period of the tendered works is estimated at 69 months.

New design of Pfons - Brenner stretch
The newly tendered construction lot is situated between the townships of Pfons to the north and Gries am Brenner to the south. With Pfons-Brenner (H53) and Hochstegen (H52), two new and different construction lots have been designed. Both stretches were part of the former construction lot Pfons-Brenner (H51).
Besides the Sill Gorge construction lot (H41), Pfons Brenner (H53) is still one of the biggest stretches in the Austrian project area.

The tendered contract comprises the excavation of the two main tunnel tubes northwards up to the border to the H41 construction lot and southwards up to the state border at the Brenner Pass. The exploratory tunnel is being excavated up to the state border. A total of approx. 25.2 km of main tunnels are to be excavated, of which approximately 15.2 km using a TBM and approx. 10 km by blasting. In addition to this, 1.3 km of exploratory tunnel are to be excavated. The cross-connecting passages, with a total length of approx. 2.3 km, will also be excavated. Besides this, several works regarding the inner lining will be carried out.

Progress of the Works in the Brenner Base Tunnel
As of January 2022, 4 main construction lots are under construction: Mules 2-3, Isarco River Underpass (Italian project area); Sill gorge, Sill gorge - Pfons (Austrian project area).
In total, the Brenner Base Tunnel tunnel system will include about 230 km of tunnels. Currently, 149 km have already been excavated: 53 km main tunnels, 55 km are exploratory tunnels and 41 km are other types of tunnel works such as access tunnels or logistic tunnels.