H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons: start of tubbing production - how work is progressing while the environment is preserved

A large part of the tunnel excavation in the H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons construction lot is carried out by means of Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). The two TBMs used in this construction lot offer a significant advantage: not only do they break up the rock, they also install the final lining of the tunnels at the same time. The latter consists of prefab concrete elements, the so-called “tubbing rings”, which are assembled to form an arch.


Today, the production of prefab concrete products directly on the site began with the first tubbing ring in the H41 Sill Gorge - Pfons construction lot. In total, almost 51,000 tubbing rings will be produced over the next two and a half years.


In recent weeks a plant for their production was set up, directly on the Ahrental construction site. On-site production not only offers logistical advantages, but also protects the environment. Long transport distances are eliminated, to the benefit of the surrounding municipalities. “It is essential that prefab concrete elements are produced directly on the site, as proposed by the contractor”, according to Romed Insam, project manager of construction lot H41. “The on-site production avoids about 27,000 truck transports from the tubbing ring production plant to the construction site. This aligns with our goal of making the Brenner Base Tunnel construction process as efficient as possible, while preserving - as much as possible - the environment of the project areas”.