H41 construction lot “Sill Gorge - Pfons” to be tendered

On January, 29th 2021, the Sill Gorge-Pfons construction lot (H41) was tendered at a European level with a contract worth about 690 million Euro (net). The construction lot is being awarded according to the MEAT approach; besides price, quality-based criteria will be involved in bid evaluation. The tender floating period will end on May, 4th 2021.

If the tender procedure and the award of the contract proceed according to plan, works in the Sill Gorge-Pfons construction lot will begin in the 4th quarter of 2021. The construction time of the tendered works is estimated at 80 months.

This is one of the largest construction lots in the Austrian project area. It not only involves the area stretching from the Sill Gorge via Ahrental to Pfons am Brenner, but also the completion of sections or works that have already been excavated in other construction lots. A total of approx. 23.3 km of main tunnels, including the remaining excavation of the Innsbruck emergency stop, are to be excavated, of which approx. 16.4 km using a TBM and approx. 6.9 km by blasting. 38 cross-connecting passages, with a total length of approx. 2.3 km, will also be excavated. Subsequently, the completed tunnel sections will be gradually handed over to the following construction lot concerning the railway equipment and outfitting.