Excavation works are complete in the H71 Isarco Underpass lot - Renaturation is ongoing

In the Isarco River Underpass construction site all tunnel excavation works have been completed. The final linings are being installed and work is being done on the outside part of the construction site.


In this construction lot, two shafts were dug on either side of the river, each about 25 metres deep, in order to use ground freezing techniques to run excavations beneath the riverbed. The ground had to be frozen so the Isarco river could continue to flow in its original riverbed, preserving the flora and fauna in the area.


One of the shafts has almost been filled and work will continue to fill in the other three.


This is part of the ongoing re-naturation process, aimed at re-creating the original natural conditions in the area where the construction site was located.


Alessandro Marottoli, Director of Proceedings for BBT SE for the Isarco River Underpass building site, expressed his satisfaction at the progress of the works in this lot by saying: “Due to the peculiar conditions of this valley, the excavation works in the Isarco River Underpass construction site were clearly visible, compared to the other lots. For this very reason, as we are now in the final phase of the excavation works, it is extremely important to bring the construction site surfaces back to their original state as much as possible”.