Construction site safety: a top priority at BBT SE

In a large infrastructure project such as the Brenner Base Tunnel, it is essential to ensure the safety of workers above and below ground at all times. The latest incident, a power outage at the H61 Mules construction site, proved that a dangerous situation can be avoided very effectively by applying existing safety measures.

Power outage at the H61 Mules construction site

At the H61 Mules construction site, a large-scale power outage occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday 23 January, due to a fault in a transformer located in a booth outside the tunnel. The necessary protocols to protect the safety of workers on the site were therefore promptly activated and in compliance with these measures, the workers inside the tunnel were evacuated. Due to the timely and orderly activation of the security measures, there was no imminent danger and no one was harmed. Electricity was subsequently restored and the workers were then able to resume their regular activities, including underground.


BBT SE's ongoing commitment to worker protection and safety

The Brenner Base Tunnel is one of the largest and most complex railway projects in Europe. In order to meet the many challenges on the various construction sites, the protection and safety of workers must always be a top priority.

At all sites, detailed emergency plans have been developed in cooperation with emergency response organisations. The office of the site emergency coordinator for the H61 Mules lot (‘COE operations room’), for example, carries out constant remote on-screen monitoring of all activities required to maintain on-site safety, such as the detection of any fire outbreaks, the management of the ventilation system, the management of water resources for fire-fighting systems and rail traffic oversight. All this makes it possible to effectively manage any possible emergency situation by promptly activating the necessary safety protocols.