Connecting & Protecting: sustainability & the Brenner Base Tunnel

The Brenner Base Tunnel will make a significant contribution to making passenger and freight transport across the Alps more sustainable, especially over the Brenner Pass.


Already during the construction of the new infrastructure, we pay special attention to sustainability. BBT SE is committed to protecting our environment and contributing to the sustainable development of the project region.


The "Connecting & Protecting" project was launched in order to bring precisely these topics to the fore.



What exactly do we connect? And what do we protect?


“Connecting & Protecting” is a project of our BBT Innovation Team. It’s the second main focus of the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT): on the one hand the connection of two countries (Austria and Italy) through the BBT, and on the other hand the protection of valuable resources in the project area. We present five of these resources and their respective relation to the BBT structure on the hiking trail that we have created around the Padastertal Valley. Along the way there are five information boards that provide information about various protection projects of BBT SE.


Although our main focus is the tunnel construction, we are also happy to share very interesting facts happening outside the tunnel.



Do you want to know more? Then come and visit us!


Brenner Base Tunnel: we're looking forward to seeing you on Friday the 17th of June and Saturday the 18th at the BBT Tunnel World in Steinach, where we are organising an event for adults and children.


WHERE: BBT-Tunnel World, Steinach am Brenner


WHEN: Friday 17th June, 13-18, Saturday 18th June, 10-18


Do you have questions about the Brenner Base Tunnel or just want to get to know this exciting building and its really diverse "surroundings"?


In addition to a programme specifically designed for children, you can take part in guided tours in the Padastertal Valley as well as guided hikes along the circular trail around the Padastertal Valley landfill.


We look forward to seeing you!


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