Compensation measures: Navisbach project and design of the outlet of the Padasterbach river

The Brenner Base Tunnel project focuses on the construction of a sustainable, future-oriented infrastructure. The respectful treatment of nature is a top priority, which is why the project company BBT SE is always careful to minimise the impact of the construction work on the environment. With this in mind, numerous measures, so-called 'compensation measures', are also implemented to minimise or compensate for the impact that construction work generates in the areas affected by the BBT project.

In addition to the many compensatory measures that have been implemented, or are in the process of being implemented, there is also one in the Austrian BBT project area involving the Navisbach. It is a work aimed at making the river Sill and its feeder rivers fish-passable. This compensation measure was completed by the project management in Wolf as early as 2022.

Further works at the mouth of the Padasterbach in Steinach am Brenner
The same project management is today engaged, in synergy with the Koppensteiner company, in the work on construction lot G52. This work consists of the design of the Padasterbach mouth in Siegreith, in the municipality of Steinach am Brenner. The work is scheduled to continue until May 2024.

Scope of work
As part of this redesign, the Padasterbach will be temporarily diverted and a dam consisting of a 33-metre-long wall of bored piles will be built. This will create a new riverbed for the mouth of the Sill for a length of approximately 90 metres. In the course of the work, the banks of the Sill and the Padasterbach will also be landscaped and renaturised. When the work is completed this spring, care and maintenance measures will follow, lasting until 2027, for the new trees and shrubs that will be planted.