BBT Tunnel World greets its first visitor

The Brenner Base Tunnel Infocenter in Steinach opens its doors.

The newly opened Tunnel World exhibition is meant to cater to the growing interest in the construction of the railway tunnel and act as a contact for the public.

Opened on April 5th, 2016, the new Brenner Base Tunnel Infocenter “Tunnel World” invites the young and the less young, explorers and experts to see, experience and discover the mysterious and exciting world of the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

The first visitor to Tunnel World today was Ms. Christiane Wanner, who toured the exhibition with the BBT SE team. Ms. Wanner is the local chronicler for the town of Steinach. She was particularly delighted with the interactive nature of the exhibition, where both children and adults can learn new things about the Alps and the construction of the longest underground railway link in the world.

Brenner Base Tunnel Infocenter – An adventure and a world of knowledge for young and old alike

Spread over two floors, the roughly 800 square meters of the Tunnel World exhibition display the largest tunnel project in Europe and offer exciting glimpses of the underground world of the Alps.
What does it look like inside the tunnel? What kind of stones lie in the depths of the mountain, along the tunnel route? What are a buffalo and a jumbo doing in the tunnel? Why do you need anchors in tunnel construction? How is a tunnel ventilated? All these questions are easily and colourfully answered at Tunnel World.

You’ll be surprised at how exciting and multi-faceted tunnel construction can be! The many objects on display, having to do with history, geology, topography, tunnel construction, environmental issues and so much more, invite you to touch, play and learn. Find out how many drill holes and how much explosive you need to excavate a few metres of tunnel! Set off a volley yourself! Stroll through our display tunnel in the Infocenter or use the building blocks to build a tunnel that actually stays up!
The children’s area inside the exhibition and the play stations outside are especially inviting for families.

The exhibition is an attraction for the local population, both as the starting point for construction site tours and as a fun, hands-on exhibition. It is located in front of the Bergeralm cable car valley station and is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 AM to 5 PM.
Entrance is free of charge.