BBT SE: handover of the construction area for the new Rio Riol roadway

Fortezza: Today, March 15th 2019, construction began on the new roadway between the SS12 state road and the future emergency and maintenance area for the Brenner Base Tunnel near the station in Fortezza. The works will cost about 7.5 million Euro and were awarded to the companies E.MA.PRI.CE. S.p.A. of Bolzano and Transbagger Srl of Campo Tures.

With the participation of BBT SE CEO Raffaele Zurlo, the mayor of Fortezza, Thomas Klapfer, the Director of the Observatory, Martin Ausserdorfer and the representatives of the company consortia, a meeting was held at the old, narrow Riol underpass in which the technical experts, including Construction Manager Mr. Michele Ianeselli and Administrative Manager Ms. Rosalia Di Bella, described the phases of the construction activities which will be carried out in the town of Fortezza over the next 14 months.


The most important work will be the construction of the new underpass underneath the Verona-Brennero railway line, which will be accessed through a short tunnel at the southern end of the town of Fortezza. This underpass will be larger than the existing one and will therefore allow not only larger vehicles to pass through (firefighter wheeled cranes, special vehicles, etc.) but also improve access to Riol. The works will also include the improvement of part of the Riol brook and the demolition of several unused buildings in the station of Fortezza.


“The works will take place within the town of Fortezza. For this reason, BBT SE will make every effort to keep any impact form the works to a minimum. BBT SE is directing the works itself, in order to keep a close eye on the works that will be carried out over the next year and to be able to intervene promptly in the interest of the local population. The mayor of Fortezza, Thomas Klapfer, adds: “We appreciate the care BBT SE is taking. Our community will be active and constructive and will speak up if there are any difficulties. We are sure that this structure, once completed, will greatly improve this part of town.”