BBT SE cooperates with the sheltered workshop “Geschützte Werkstätte Integrative Betriebe Tirol GmbH - GW Tirol”

The consortium of the construction lot H41 Sillschlucht - Pfons has once again entrusted GW Tirol with the manufacture of various products for tunnel excavation.

Sustainability and social responsibility are also part of everyday practice in the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel. Over the past 12 months, GW Tirol has already manufactured cable suspensions and steel support structures for the H41 Sillschlucht - Pfons tunnel construction site. Now the project volume has been expanded and this cooperation has been extended for another two years. Therefore, representatives of the consortium BBT Sillschlucht - Pfons and the project management of the construction lot visited the production site in Imst to have a look at the work being done.

"GW Tirol has so far produced the contracted services in a qualitative, timely and satisfactory manner, so we are considering continuing to work with GW Tirol in the future as well. At present, deliveries for the next few months have been commissioned and are under production," said Marco Reith, technical project manager of ARGE BBT - Sillschlucht-Pfons, who was impressed during the tour of the factory hall.

"An important principle of the award procedure for the construction lot H41 Sillschlucht - Pfons was, among other things, that social concerns were to be taken into account, specifically by employing people in training and people with disabilities, which was an award criterion," says Romed Insam, BBT project manager of the construction lot H41 Sillschlucht - Pfons. "The aim here was to provide a social service also by employing apprentices and people with disabilities in the execution of the construction works for H41 Sillschlucht - Pfons".

Markus Wehinger manages the facility in Imst and is also pleased about the renewal of the commission: "We are proud to have been able to convince our client of the quality of our products and to be involved in the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel. In recent months, numerous projects have been completed, some projects are still in the production phase, but will soon be completed."GW Tirol not only supplies technical expertise, "but our employees also work very professionally and are deployed where they can make the best use of their skills and where commissions require it," says the site manager.

The future order includes the manufacture of various products such as cable hooks, brackets, pipe supports, ventilation duct and conveyor belt suspensions, covers for standard profiles and partition wall covers for niches.

Key data for construction lot H41 Sillschlucht - Pfons

The H41 Sillschlucht - Pfons construction lot is one of the largest tunnel sections of the Brenner Base Tunnel infrastructure project. In this construction lot, approx. 22.5 km of main tunnel tubes and 38 cross passages with a total length of approx. 2.3 km are being driven. Since the middle of the year, two tunnel boring machines have been heading towards Brenner.

Since January 2022, the BBT Sillschlucht-Pfons consortium, which consists of the companies Implenia Österreich GmbH, Implenia Schweiz AG, Webuild S.p.A and csc costruzioni sa, has been carrying out the works on this lot. The work is expected to last until fall of 2028, with the contract value amounting to € 651 million.