BBT SE Boards renewed

In accordance with the deadlines and consulting protocol, new members have been named to the Supervisory Board and the mandates of the Board of Directors of BBT SE have been renewed. The new members of the Supervisory Board, which includes 12 members, 6 named by the Austrian and 6 by the Italian partner in BBT SE, are as follows:

•    Chairman of the Supervisory Board - GS Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Kasser (since 01.12.2004)
•    Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Georg-Michael Vavrovsky (Member since 23.01.2006)
•    Dipl.-Ing. Franz Bauer (Member since 22.04.2014)
•    Dipl.-Ing. Robert Müller (Member since 21.07.2016)
•    Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Walter Peer (Member since 23.06.2014)
•    Mag. Roland Schuster, MBA (Member since 21.10.2014)
•    Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board - Prof. Lamberto Cardia (since 08.11.2010)
•    Dott. Ing. Maurizio Gentile (Member since 21.07.2016)
•    Dott. Hermann Berger (Member since 21.07.2016)
•    Dott. Martin Ausserdorfer (Member since 25.11.2013)
•    Prof. Raffaele Mauro (Member since 21.07.2016)
•    Dott. Massimo Girelli (Member since 21.07.2016)

During the most recent meeting of BBT SE’s Supervisory Board, Mr. Raffaele Zurlo’s mandate as CEO was also renewed, in the interest of preserving continuity in management at BBT SE. Prof. Konrad Bergmeister’s mandate as CEO for the Austrian shareholder had been confirmed in 2015.
Together, they make up BBT SE’s Board of Directors.