BBT exhibition at Innsbruck central station with a new thematic focus

For the next three months, the permanent exhibition will provide information about the “Isarco river underpass” construction lot in Italy

Since the end of June 2021, a permanent exhibition has been held at Innsbruck central station for all those who are interested in the Brenner Base Tunnel infrastructure project. The exhibition space is located in the southern part of the station hall gallery. During this interactive exhibition, a new thematic focus will be presented every three months. The broad range of topics covered by the project offers plenty of opportunities to repeatedly show new content. From the current status of the works in the tunnel excavation to the tunnel boring machines and the Munich-Verona railway axis.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge. The last months have shown that the exhibition is well attended. The first topic, the "Sill Gorge construction lot" was well attended, as the works in the Sill Gorge recreational area are extremely interesting for the people of Innsbruck.

Isarco River Underpass - a complex set of excavations under the river
Starting immediately, the Isarco river underpass construction lot in Alto Adige will be the new topic of the exhibition. Every day, from 6 AM to 10 PM, visitors, passersby and travellers can enjoy information on the impressive works underway in the Isarco valley near Fortezza in Alto Adige, where excavation under the river is taking place using a highly modern ground consolidation technique: freezing. The particular feature of this construction lot is that the stretch of the BBT in this narrow part of the valley runs not only under the highway and the state road, but under the Isarco river as well. To avoid relocating the riverbed during the construction works, an environmentally-friendly solution is being used: ground freezing. The ground below the Isarco is temporarily frozen to consolidate the loose rock. The tunnel stretch can be excavated safely in the frozen material, with no impact to the environment.