BBT Environmental compensation funds: handover of the storage basin in Aica/Naz-Sciaves

On 5th December 2022, BBT SE handed over, as part of the compensatory measures in favour of the local population, the storage basin at Aica, Naz-Sciaves. The event was attended by, among others, the Mayor of Naz-Sciaves Alexander √úberbacher, the Director of the BBT Observatory Martin Ausserdorfer, Aica Land Improvement Consortium President Ernst Stampfer and our collaborators Angelo Lombardi and Giorgio Malucelli, respectively Procedure Manager and Works Manager for this specific compensation measure.


The basin has a capacity of about 18,500 m3 and is located at an altitude of 850 m above sea level in the district of Aica in the township of Naz-Sciaves. It is one of the environmental compensatory measures carried out by BBT SE and will serve as a water reservoir for irrigation and related drainage works.


The work will help to increase the security of water supply for the agricultural land in the area. In addition, it will be possible to perform frost-free irrigation and thus safeguard agricultural production in the event of spring frost.


According to Martin Ausserdorfer, the handover of the storage basin in Aica Naz-Sciaves is "an important result. Thanks to the cooperation between BBT SE, the institutions and the Observatory, it was possible to ensure the implementation of an important compensatory measure that will benefit the local population".