Another decisive step for the Brenner Base Tunnel

Tender for engineering services for railway equipment launched

The Brenner Base Tunnel Society (BBT SE) has tendered the engineering services for the railway equipment in the Brenner Base Tunnel infrastructure project.

The engineering services relate to planning services for the railway equipment and also include supporting activities in the installation phase of the facilities up to their operational launch.

The railway equipment therefore includes all technical facilities and installations for future railway operations. After completion of the civil engineering works, the necessary technical equipment will be installed. This includes, among others, ballastless track, railway traction power supply, telecommunication and radiocommunication systems, signal boxes for command, control and train protection systems, modern control engineering, ventilation equipment and safety equipment.

The cross-border nature of the project and its high technical complexity is a great challenge in the planning of these railway systems. It is necessary not only to meet the currently already high technical standards in the Italian and Austrian railway networks, but also to comply with the European regulations on interoperability because of the aforementioned cross-border nature of the Brenner Base Tunnel.