Wildly successful Open Tunnel Day at the Brenner Base Tunnel, at the Isarco Underpass construction site

The Open Tunnel Day is a regular event held every year by the Brenner Base Tunnel company, to meet people living in the project area and beyond. This year the event was held in Italy, in Fortezza, and was a great success.

“How nice to experience a day of fun with my whole family in such an unusual environment”, “Seeing the tunnel live is so impressive!”, “They’re building the future here and making sure it’s environmentally sustainable as well”.  These are just some of the comments from the thousands of visitors who travelled to Fortezza on Saturday 8 June to visit the Brenner Base Tunnel construction sites.


The Open Tunnel Day is a unique event. Every year, the Brenner Base Tunnel opens its doors to people living in the project area and beyond. After last year’s event, which took place at the Austrian ‘H41 Sill-Pfons Gorge’ construction site, this year’s Open Day was once again held in Italy.


A day for the whole family


The programme offered was quite extensive. In the morning, people gathered at the meeting point at the Isarco River Underpass construction site near Fortezza, where visitors could take part in three guided tours.


The tours covered the Isarco River Underpass and the southern portal, the southernmost point of the Brenner Base Tunnel, where an impressive immersive reality show awaited visitors, but also to the Mules and Hinterrigger sites.


There were also numerous information stands on various important topics for the construction of the BBT, showing the many different sides of this railway infrastructure project is. BBT SE experts provided information on topics such as geology, railway equipment, tunnel construction methods, surveying, the environment, the international dimension of the project within the SCAN-MED corridor, and much more.


There was no shortage of entertainment for children. In addition to the immersive reality show set up at the southern portal of the Isarco River Underpass construction site, there were many other games for our youngest guests to enjoy, such as bouncy castles, magic shows, wooden toys and facepainting.


Work is ongoing with an eye to efficiency and sustainability


Work on the Isarco Underpass site, where one of the tunnel portals is located, was completed in December 2023. The re-naturation process is currently under way and it is estimated that as many as 50,000 plants will have been put in by  the end of this summer.


The Hinterrigger tubbing ring factory, one of the stops on our guided tours, is where approximately 30 per cent of the spoil from tunnel excavation is recycled. This material is used to produce up to 250 tubbing rings per day, the prefabricated elements that make up the final lining of the tunnel.


And finally, in Mules, the largest construction site of the entire BBT project, two of the three tunnel boring machines have already reached the Brenner Pass and one of them, named Flavia, is only a few kilometres (just over 2) away from reaching its goal.


As part of a competition promoted on our social media channels and also available in the event area, some visitors will also have the unique opportunity to visit one of the TBMs or take part in a hike on the beautiful trail in the Padastertal near Steinach am Brenner.


Once again, heartfelt thanks go to the fire brigade teams and rescue organisations, as well as to all BBT SE employees who made themselves available in the event area to ensure our guests’ safety and to answer their many questions about our project.


See you at our next Open Tunnel Day!